Saturday at 10 a.m.

Get ready to flex those creative muscles!

What will you make?

It will be a very fast hour at the Craft Lounge because we will have multiple projects for you to make and take home with you. 

We will have the supplies and instructions, along with supply lists so if you want to make more, you'll know how to do it!

Come to the Lounge, grab your supplies and then get crafting to make as many items that you can in the hour!

Tools will be on hand and we will be sharing, so if you want to bring your own tools, please do and it will help us all out. We suggest you bring:

  • Scissors (if you have detail scissors to do fine cutting, you may need them)
  • Paper trimmer to cut straight lines or however you like to cut (rotary cutter and ruler)

The supplies are all donated, so all we ask is that you not take extras home with you (or ask if you can so we can make sure everyone present has what they need). This is provided for the enjoyment of those who attend the session during the session hour.




We will have two styles of candle holders to make, one will be quick and easy, the other will take a little longer, but is a great technique you will use over and over again!


Choose your artwork from the many selections we will have and leave with your own rose necklace!


We will be using rose felt die cuts to make our own pin. Once you see how simple it is, you'll want to make many more!


You'll enjoy having these rose magnets to use or share, and they are easy to make!