Friendship is an important part of the world of roses and we've invited some of the most well known friends of roses in the world to take part in the American Rose Society 2015 Fall National Convention.

From the latest developments in rose hybridization, to what is arguably the most important flower show in the world, you will be taken on a well-rounded journey. Whether you are a serious gardener or just an avid rose fan, there is something for every interest at the Ameirican Rose Society 2015 Fall National Convention. 


Bring your camera, smart phone, and have your social media accounts up and ready to go! We'll want you to join in making what is happening at the 2015 ARS Fall National Convention known in real-time around the world!

Once you see the full line-up, you'll want to make sure you register and get your hotel room early. We expect this Convention to sell out. There will be plenty of fun and even some surprises, so come prepared to be enthusiastic, make new connections and leave inspired to do more to promote the love of roses and growing of roses.